1995 – Beginning

The Corona/Norco  interfaith Association began in 1995 to provide education about various faith traditions, while promoting respect, understanding and fellowship in the community.   In its beginning it has involved Muslin, Jews, Baha’i, and many Christian denominations, who sought to participate in a true interfaith dialog.

An article in the Press Enterprise Newspaper, November 11, 1995, reported of the Interfaith Association “They hope to bring their differing perspectives to issues including hate crimes , poverty, despair among the young, domestic violence, drugs and child abuse.”

Member Claudia Wilson, from the Church of Ladder Day Saints, was quoted as saying, “Members are discovering that they have more in common than they knew.  They share many goals, as servants of God, as parents and as residents of the community.”   The article quoted Frank Vahid of the Baha’i faith as saying, “It is refreshing to belong to an organization that will stress unity in our community.”